About us

Afforests is a specialist in personal health care products. As a new brand established in 2013, we are dedicated to the wellness for both our consumers and the mother planet. We only use ingredients that are eco-friendly and help protect our environment.  Now, the Earth is sick and global warming is one of our greatest concerns.  We have to take action to reverse it.  Citizens of the Earth, come and join hands now to make an ideal place for us and our children to live.  We must consider products which do no harm to the Earth.

All of Afforests's products are made to the highest standards and take into account environmental considerations. According to this philosophy, we insist to make products containing not less than 95% natural content and all of the ingredients are biodegradable. We follow Natural Products Association as our products definition. According their ingredients usage guideline that indicate our products can be deemed truly NATURAL. We do not test on animals for the purpose of developing new products. Our products are tested only on consenting human volunteers. We continue to comply with the strict requirements of global regulations regarding animal testing and ensure our products are good for the Earth and our body. Our well-being products contain absolutely no petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance, color and formaldehyde to avoid skin sensitivity.The natural ingredients were imported from American mainly. Natural ingredients such as botanical extracts, essence oils and sugar-derived detergent are used in our products to keep the skin moist and ensure it soft and silky smooth.


Afforests 是成立於2013年的品牌,我們主要生產個人用品,地球暖化問題日趨嚴重,使我們居住的地球,環境日趨惡化,而帶來種種生態問題,人類作為地球居民,大家攜手致力保護環境,替我們及大家的下一代建立美好的生活環境。